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If you are interested in developing a TFM (final project master), a PhD Thesis, or a Postdoc in any of our topics, do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail irene.otero.muras(at) We are constantly looking for motivated students (Master, PhD) and PostDoc candidates who want to join the Computational Synthetic Biology  group.

2.  Open public calls:

  FPU-predoc-expresion of interest (deadline 17/12/2021)

Está abierta la convocatoria FPU del Ministerio de Universidades. Se trata de contratos predoctorales de 4 años de duración**. Si te interesa aplicar para hacer la tesis con un contrato FPU en el grupo, escribe a:
irene.otero.muras(at), o envía un DM vía twitter a @Otero_Muras
Por requisitos de la convocatoria, la nota media del expediente ha de ser  igual o mayor que 8.

Este es el proyecto de investigación a desarrollar, en el campo de la biología de sistemas y sintética:

Elucidating cell function under molecular noise in systems and synthetic biology applications
Systems and synthetic biology are contributing to address scientific challenges of global interest: advancing fundamental knowledge (construction of a synthetic cell, discovery and elucidation of key molecular mechanisms in biology), and innovating solutions for societal needs (development of cell factories for the transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy, advances in biomedical research).
On aim of systems and synthetic biology is to stablish links between cell biomolecular mechanisms and associated cellular functions/high level tasks. In the absence of molecular noise, bifurcation theory of deterministic systems can be used to establish these links. In previous works, we have developed tools for the efficient analysis of biosystems  in the deterministic context. However, in presence of molecular noise, the maps between mechanism and function and the role of noise remain largely unresolved.
In this project, we aim to establish links between mechanism and function in cells under molecular noise (frequently the case in bacteria and yeast), and elucidate the role of molecular noise in cell function. In order to address this fundamental question in biology, we will apply a system’s approach, combining recent developments in modeling and simulation of stochastic biosystems with advanced experimental techniques (microfluidics, time lapse microscopy).
The work will be developed at the Computational Synthetic Biology Group*, Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio), a joint UV-CSIC institute with strategic alliances with biotech companies and a focus on providing solutions to problems in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, biomedical and agrifood sectors.

**El importe mensual será de 1.151,97 euros los dos primeros años, 1.234,25 euros el tercer año y 1.542,82 euros el cuarto año.